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Best Netflix Original Series 2020

Here we go guys, The Blogging Junkie presents you 10 best Netflix Original Tv Shows list you should watch ever in Quarantine.


Mindhunter is processing new and interesting techniques that FBI agent Holden Ford and his partner have developed to address the recent rape and murder cases. Witnessing this process allows you to look at the world of crime through a window that you have never looked at before. The series, supported by good acting and powerful script, is one of the best series you can watch on Netflix.

House of Cards

House of Cards, one of the most successful political series of the last period, has been deemed worthy of many awards throughout its screen life as a result of its success. The series tells the story of the character Frank Underwood, who fights for the US State Department.

Starting to implement its impressive plan in an interesting way, Frank does not neglect to consider the current political situation of the environment. House of Cards, which is a very fluent and impressive Netflix series, has elements that will satisfy every audience in terms of content, although it has an unpleasant course due to unforeseen events.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror, which successfully fulfills its social criticism mission in a sci-fi style, is also one of the most iconic works of Netflix. Since its release in 2011, the series touches many social issues and mirrors current issues. While doing this, it does not neglect to use the visual possibilities provided by the science fiction style.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is at the top of the series that have become a phenomenon on Netflix since its release. The production, which stands out from other contents with its content and presentation, has managed to influence the whole world in a short time. The story of a group of children who follow the supernatural events that take place where they live in the series, whose creators are Duffer Brothers, is told.


The series that tells the life of America’s drug baron Pablo Escobar promises more than an ordinary biography to the audience. This story, which includes crime and action at every point, also allows you to witness an important history of America and see what has been done to fight crime.

Narcos is the best option for having an idea of the political identity and the empire that Pablo Escobar has outside the Kali Cartel.


Sense8 is one of Netflix’s fast-paced and failing series. Thanks to the intricate scenario, it is also possible to find strong characterizations in the science fiction series, which promises a pleasant view to the audience.

Bojack Horseman

Netflix’s recently watched animated series Bojack Horseman is quite different from the others in terms of its subject. Bojack Horseman, a former star, has frequent internal inquiries about what happiness he always pursues while seeking ways to regain his old reputation in the series. This process enables viewers to rediscover the concept of happiness with BoJack.

Orange is the New Black

One of Netflix’s TV series, Orange is the New Black, started its screen life in 2013. The creator of the series, Jenji Kohan, has been deemed worthy of many awards for her successful comedy and drama series. The series was adapted from the book Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison, where real prison memories are written.

Sex Education

Otis is a high school student who does not have many friends. Because of her mother, who is a sex therapist, he is quite knowledgeable about these issues, unlike his peers. This specialization causes Otis to become popular in school and meet a lot of people. Maeve accompanies the secret sexual lessons given by Otis.

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